Samples have become bland. No spice. No flavour. Most modern sample packs contain samples you don’t even need. It’s like paying too much for a meal which at the same time leaves you feeling bloated and craving for something more savory. Not so at samplesauce. Here you won’t find any ‘meals’ without substance, because we only serve thick, juicy, and most of all saucy samples. They’re uncut, raw and tastefully processed, but with one thing in common; they’re samples with attitude that you won’t find in any other kitchen. View all saucepacks at (all packs on one page for easy checkout).

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Free tasters & sweets

Click the download button in the Soundcloud player to download these free tasters! They come in many different flavours.

DISCLAIMER: With uncut samples, we really mean uncut samples! Some samples include reverb tails, a high noise floor, popping, clicking… Audio artifacts that make these samples unique and playful.